34mm Filter Color Filter

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This filter fits these lights ONLY: FD41, TK20R, TK16, TK15C, TK15UE, TK09, HP15UE (not current version), HP30, HL40R and the PD40RV2.0.

PVC plastic filter available in Red and Blue.

The filter converts the focused high-output beam of a normal flashlight into a soft, wide angle, diffused flood beam. It is great for close-up and low-light applications, such as wide area lighting, short distance reading, camping, etc.

A green filter is ideal for hunters and fishermen because it is a very soft light that will not alert the game. However it is brighter than all the other colors, which makes it easier for navigation and it also makes it easier for others to see you.

Features: Premium double-sided mineral-coated glass lens provides high light transmittance and excellent heat resistance Filter frame is constructed from high quality rubber for extreme durability and impact resistance Flexible rubber filter frame is adaptable to a head diameter range of 34mm Features a small lanyard attachment hole With the lens removed the filter may be used as a bezel protector