Fenix E-CP Powerbank Flashlight

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Two of the most versatile, practical, and utilitarian tools you can have in one! The Fenix E-CP High-performance Powerbank Flashlight provides the peace of mind brought by a powerbank to recharge your devices, plus the convenience of not having to carry a separate flashlight as well! Fenix has not pulled any punches with this combo light as well. This isn't just another power bank with a flashlight as an afterthought, nor is it a flashlight that just happens to offer discharge as a secondary feature. The E-CP is fully designed from the ground up to be the best flashlight it can be and the best powerbank it can be, with no holds barred!

Perfect for any use, the E-CP is a great companion on your campout, hunting trip, hiking expedition, for technical work, or just as an emergency unit to have around the house. You just can't go wrong with this one! Offering 18W fast charging, you can charge a typical android phone to over 40% in about 30 minutes. Even if your device is completely drained, you won't be out of touch for long! Plus, the E-CP itself can be fully recharged in only 2.5 hours. It doesn't take long to get emergency power back! The light can tail stand to be used as a lantern, it features a useful self-defense strobe, and has a lockout function to keep that precious power from being used accidentally while the power bank is in your bag or pocket.

The E-CP is your companion through any emergency as well. With full inner waterproof treatment, the light is fully submersible to IP68 standard, even without the USB cover and has passed a rigorous drop test from 1.5 meters.