Fenix E-SPARK Ultra-Thin Powerbank Flashlight

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Convenient EDC lighting option plus powerbank versatility in one compact, easy to carry unit! The Fenix E-SPARK is only .31 inches thick, barely wider than a few credit cards and thinner than most mobile phones! This makes it extremely easy to carry with you everywhere either on your keychain or just by slipping it in your back pocket, for any time when your phone's battery needs a quick boost. The 100-lumen maximum output with 100-foot beam distance is plenty of light to use for any number of day-to-day tasks like looking for lost items or lighting up a dark path, and the 52-hour runtime means you won't even have to charge it very often! Plus, as a bonus, the E-SPARK includes a red LED for easy nighttime navigation or reading, or for use as an emergency signal.

The E-SPARK's 800mAh internal battery will provide your phone with about 10-15% extra battery life so it can really save you a lot of stress if you're on an important call or using your phones GPS when the dreaded "low battery" warning pops up!