Fenix GL06 Pocket Pistol Tactical Light

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The GL06 is a pocket pistol tactical light that comes with high output, versatile compatibility and quick-release design. This is the right tool to accomplish your mission, it delivers a maximum of 600 lumens and creates a high-intensity beam to help you positively identify targets and threats at significant distances. It is also perfect for indoor or close-range applications.

This patented replaceable rail key design makes you sure your GL06 tactical light can attach securely to universal Glock and Picatinny rails. Its patented lever latch system can make sure your GL06 is securely attached to the firearm. Optional for you to use with your pistol and long guns.

This GL06 has a feature of ambidextrous switching that can be activated with one finger - momentary or constant -on. This tactical light gets its power from a ARB-L16-700UP battery that can be charged with the Micro USB charging cable or placed in compatible battery chargers.