Fenix HM23 Compact Hiking and Running Headlamp

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Ultra-lightweight and compact are just some of the excellent characteristics of the all-new Fenix HM23 running and hiking headlamp. The HM23 weighs just 1.52 ounces while still maintaining its high-strength body. What makes the HM23 even better is the fact that a single AA Battery can power it. Activating the HM23 is a breeze with the innovative all-in-one single switch operation. The lightweight headband features reflective strips that can be seen from 164 feet away. Adjust the beam angle of the HM23 up to 180˚; this is especially helpful during caving or hiking expeditions. It features an IP68 waterproof protection rating allowing it to stand up the elements effortlessly. The Fenix HM23 is the perfect companion to any trail or hike.