Fenix LR40Rv2 Long-Range Rechargeable Flashlight

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The LR40R V2 is a super bright spot and flood searching flashlight that offers a remarkable output of 15000 Lumens. The incredible broad beam with a max distance of 900 meters and can dramatically improve search efficiency. User can operate the light with only one hand with rotary toggle switch and electronic switch that can be operated easily. Rotate the toggle switch to precisely select one of multiple lighting modes and Single click the electronic switch to select the needed output.

It features four Lighting Mode - the Spotlight, Floodlight, Spot and floodlight and Flash mode. Multiple brightness options for a variety of lighting demands, Ultra-long beam distance with multiple brightness levels. The compact body is made from A6061-T6 aluminum and perfectly fits your palm, with the measurement at a length of 6.89" / 175 mm, this flashlight is extremely comfortable to carry with so much power on it.

The Fenix LR40R V2 gets its power from the built-in ultra-large capacity battery pack constructed from 3 batteries of 5000mAh, allowing you to reach 177 hours ultra-long runtime from a full charge. The flashlight has a built-in intelligent sensing circuit which means that when the light head is close to an illuminated object, the flashlight will automatically downshift the brightness level with a sensing distance is withing 60mm. This feature can prevent danger caused by high temperatures. This lightweight flashlight features up to 25 hours runtime in Eco mode and with the built-in Type-C Charging port, the battery can be fully charged for an approximately 4 hours from a depleted state. It has also an accurate and reliable battery status through the LED read-out indicators.

This durable flashlight features IP68 Rated protection, is impact resistant to a 1-meter drop on all 6 sides and can withstand bitter cold and extreme heat. The light will operate normally in temperatures ranging from -35 degrees Celsius/ -31 degrees Fahrenheit to 45 degrees Celsius/ 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

LR40R V2 flashlight can also be a reliable light source for Emergencies and SAR. It can be operated as a power bank for external digital devices utilizing its built-in battery pack.