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The new standard in locking air chucks!

  • Six steel jaws lock onto any Schrader valve to create a secure, hands-free connection.
  • 1/4” NPT thread compatible with most standard air hoses
  • Hardened steel collet fits all standard Schrader valves [VG8/8V1 valve threads]
  • Rated to 150 PSI - suitable for garage and industrial airline systems, auto and manual tire inflators, portable pressure gauges, and constant pressure systems
  • Heavy-duty construction built to last and stand up to everyday use in even the busiest tire shops, service bays, and garages.
  • AVAILABLE IN 2 STYLES: Open Flow or Closed Flow
    • OPEN FLOW: Air passes through freely on or off the valve stem. For use with inflator gauges and automatic systems. If you are controlling your compressor's airflow through a trigger or foot pedal, then you want an OPEN flow.
    • CLOSED FLOW: Chuck must engage the tire valve for air to flow. For use directly from a tank compressor's air hose. If you are putting the air chuck directly on the compressor hose, you want a CLOSED flow, so that air stops flowing when you aren't attached to the valve stem.
    • If used with a multi-hose inflation kit, use CLOSED FLOW LockNFlate Air Chucks.
    • For use on Milwaukee®, DeWalt®, or other battery inflators, choose an OPEN FLOW LockNFlate® Air Chuck.
  • U.S. PATENT #11913582