Rebel AFR welding Mask & Hood Kit

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The Rebel™ is a lightweight product designed to reduce neck strain. In addition, the Rebel is designed to fit under most hard hats, including Jackson’s Charger, Sentry III, SC-6, Advantage Series, and Blockhead models without the need for adaptor brackets, making it extremely versatile.

• The Rebel features an exclusive, modern digital ADF control system

• Goggles are constructed with the face shield as one complete unit

• Complete protection from sparks and spatter risks to front of face when used with the fire-resistant hood

• The Rebel’s close-fitting goggle protects against UV and IR rays when used with the fire-resistant hood

• Designed to fit over most prescription glasses—no cheater lenses required

• Features a replaceable clear outer lens for added ADF protection (46930—5 pack)

• Packaged in attractive, full-color POP box—case quantity 6

• No adapters needed to use with hard hats

• Low TIG amp rated >10A

• Battery life lasts up to 1,300 hours (batteries replaceable)

• Meets or exceeds ANSI Z87.1 and CAN/CSA Z94.3 standards. CE certified